Company design I created for

KenOh USA Auto LED Light Company (2018)

LightShield Branding & Logo Design (2018/19)

LightShield Re-engineered Design (2018/19)

3D printed designs to spec to test and perfect the final design.

Re-engineered the flip-cover to be more durable & open/close/adjust to position from one side by utilizing a spring knob mechanism.


Instruction Manual/Warranty Card & Packaging Design (2019)


My Hand-drawn Draft designed into “Aerial” NightClub’s Logo (2017)


Company Logo Design I created for Future Management LLC. (2016)

 “Throughout my own Artistic career, I’ve consulted many Artist (at various stages in their careers) in developing their overall Brand, through developing their Image/PressKits/Logos & Sounds. Thus, bringing them an increase in success & a strong drive to set higher standards/goals in the future. It’s my passion to collaborate towards success!” (2012-Present)


My hand-drawn drafts leading into the digitized creation of my Artist Logo. Commissioned & Completed by me in less than 24hrs, Self-Taught. (2012)

The “Peter Holman Star Logo” was created for my 1st Festival Appearance (World DJ Festival Korea 2012)


my personal commitment to being an Artist. 

Peter Holman Star Logo w/New Clean Updated Look

Redesigned to Spec by: Chris Scarlet (2014/17)

I’m accustom to leading teams to achieve success. When we work together towards a common goal, “Magic Happens” and energy moves to construct the dream. I find great satisfaction leading a team to victory and enjoying the celebratory moments that follow~