Company design I created for

KenOh USA Auto LED Light Company (2018)

LightShield Branding & Logo Design (2018/19)

LightShield Re-engineered Design (2018/19)

3D printed designs to spec to test and perfect the final design.

Re-engineered the flip-cover to be more durable & open/close/adjust to position from one side by utilizing a spring knob mechanism.


Instruction Manual/Warranty Card & Packaging Design (2019)


My Hand-drawn Draft designed into “Aerial” NightClub’s Logo (2017)


Company Logo Design I created for Future Management LLC. (2016)

 “Throughout my own Artistic career, I’ve consulted many Artist (at various stages in their careers) in developing their overall Brand, through developing their Image/PressKits/Logos & Sounds. Thus, bringing them an increase in success & a strong drive to set higher standards/goals in the future. It’s my passion to collaborate towards success!” (2012-Present)


My hand-drawn drafts leading into the digitized creation of my Artist Logo. Commissioned & Completed by me in less than 24hrs, Self-Taught. (2012)

The “Peter Holman Star Logo” was created for my 1st Festival Appearance (World DJ Festival Korea 2012)


my personal commitment to being an Artist. 

Peter Holman Star Logo w/New Clean Updated Look

Redesigned to Spec by: Chris Scarlet (2014/17)

When I’m unable to take the time to digitize the design myself, I seek out talented designers who can properly digitize my creations to my specifications. 

I’ve been accustom to being  a “Do it Myself” kind of guy, because I could accomplish things quicker on my own certain times and as the saying goes If you want it done Right the First Time, sometimes you got to do it yourself… not to mention being the youngest kid in the class whose classmates cheated off of to get by in Advanced Chemistry Class 😉 …but I believe “Collaboration” to be a vital part of expanding one’s horizons & perceptions.
“Don’t Hate… Collaborate!”

It’s important to know when to gauge when it’s appropriate to handle things on your own, or seek assistance to achieve a common goal more efficiently.

I also have been accustom to leading teams to achieve success. When we work together towards a common goal, “Magic Happens” and energy moves to construct the dream. I find great satisfaction leading a team to victory and enjoying the celebratory moments that follow~